Persuade Me

What’s the most prevalent use of persuasive writing in the world today? If you answered “cover letters” then I’d be okay with that answer. Although I’m certain it’s dating website profiles.

The first dating website was, registered in December 1994 by Lee Zehrer. Since then, the industry has grown to the point where 40 million Americans tried online dating just last year. That’s not really surprising, when you consider that dating sites cover nearly every conceivable type of relationship, from casual encounters, to long term relationships. There’s even a site dedicated to those who want to cheat on their spouses!

ImageDating profiles run the gamut from the really good, to the horrifically poor. Of course, what makes a profile good or bad depends on the viewer.  I can only hope that my profile on PlentyOfFish is considered a good one. Even then, despite having built my profile message around the Attention/Interest/Desire/Action formula provided to us in writing class, according to, it’ll take roughly 58 messages before I get a quality response.

ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

(NB.  This is a famous video once thought to be an actual eHarmony profile video.)

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