Talkin’ ’bout my Generation …

Okay I’ll admit it. I “cheated” a little for Tom Brennan’s Media Awareness class.

We had a minor report that required us to recommend two types of media to use in an advertising campaign that targeted one of three different demographics. The choices were people age 70+, upper Baby Boomers (ages 58-67), or Generation X (ages 29-48). I chose to target Generation X. How’s that “cheating” you ask?


Yes, this is my real OHIP card, with certain obvious areas blocked out for security purposes, and because no one should ever be forced to see the picture.

Okay so I chose my own generation to target. Should be nice and easy, right? After all who else would know the media habits of Generation X than someone right in the middle of the demographic?  Turns out there was more to learn than I thought.  For instance, 86% of Generation X bring in their mail the day it was delivered.  I knew that, because I do it, but I never actually realized that I do it.

It made me think a lot, because as much as all the statistics told me that we as a demographic are adopting the internet more and more, I still remember life before the internet.

I remember playing on a TI99 in the early 1980s.

I remember playing on a TI99 in the early 1980s.

Ah, memories of Hunt the Wumpus! Then there were Bulletin Board Systems. Connecting to those on my 300 baud modem (300 bits per second) when everyone else was using a 24.4 (kilobits per second) was awful!

To think we connect now at megabits per second ...

To think we connect now at megabits per second …

Of course, online gaming was very different then too. Millions of people play World of Warcraft right now, but this is how it would have looked if it had been around back then …

Ah, those pesky orcs!!

Ah, those pesky orcs!!

So when all this data pointed to online as one of the best ways to reach me, and those like me, it was surprising to say the least, but not entirely.  After all, look at all of the advances in technology that have happened in our lifetime.

I almost feel sorry for the rest of my class.  Poor Millennials …

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