It’s a small world after all …

It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it. Sorry.

I couldn’t help thinking about the truth of that as we sat in Tom Brennan’s Media Awareness class and learned about how the world really is getting smaller, at least on a virtual level, thanks to the internet and social media. What was predicted in the 1960s eventually became true, albeit not specifically, but they were close.

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Courtesy of

I was reminded of this yet again as I signed up for which is a website where sports fans can spread their love (or disdain) for different sports teams. The content is then shared amongst the other members of the site, all of whom are sports fans. As a die-hard Montreal Canadiens and Kingston Frontenacs fan, this site was too good to pass up.

Here, I’ll be able to cheer on the boys as they compete for the Stanley and Memorial Cups, respectively, and not worry about drawing the ire of the non-sports fans on my Facebook page. It’s a boon for both sides of the sporting coin, as the sports fans get content dedicated to their beloved sports, and the non-sports fans get a quieter Facebook News Feed.

It’s a perfect example too, of what we had just learned in Kathy Patterson‘s Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications class about how social media isn’t just Facebook, Twitter, and the other usual suspects. Instead, more and more sites are catering to specific psychographics which allows people with similar interests, activities or opinions to have their own community.

Makes you wonder what else is out there for people? Oh, and for those of you who now hate me because the whole time you’ve been reading this blog you’ve also been singing “It’s a Small World” in your head …



… you’re welcome.

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  1. Nice one, Adam. This post really shows your sense of humour. Thanks for sharing the kitty website. I’ll be sure to share it with………… one. 😉

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