Is it out yet?

The Challenge: After getting a lot of poor reviews from the third X-Men movie and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Fox Studios needed to revitalize the franchise while they still have the movie rights. The challenge of this trailer is to entice enough people to come to the new movie (just as it is for any movie trailer) but also to attempt to draw back some viewers they lost with the above mentioned films.

The Idea: How they decided to go about this is obvious. Take the best loved characters from the entire series, and put them into the same movie.  It’s simple, but it works. Not only have they catered to the casual fans whose knowledge of the X-Men consists of what was in the movies, but they are appealing to those fans (like myself) who follow in the comics or with the old cartoons, or with the recent anime versions by including a popular (and in my opinion, grossly overdue) villain.

Execution of the Idea: With this trailer, they show both worlds colliding, and include some of the new characters who we haven’t yet seen in the films.  They balance slower sections, with dialogue giving a brief explanation of the basic plot line with exciting action shots.  They also go back and forth between old and new versions of the popular characters to reinforce that this is a merging of the two timelines.

What Works? The balance of action scenes with exposition scenes expertly sets up the basic premise of the movie. They also ensure to include a quick flash of one of the villains, played by popular actor Peter Dinklage, to draw in some of his fans as well. Overall, they show just enough to look enticing, without falling to the trap that a lot of movie trailers get caught in, showing too much of the great parts of the movie.  You get a definite sense that what you see in the trailer is just a small appetizer for the main course.

What Doesn’t Work?  As far as attracting casual fans, there isn’t anything in the trailer that shouldn’t work. But since they are also targeting established fans of the entire X-Men franchise, while they did provide a glimpse of the villain (and we fans can and do recognize the character) they fail to give even a glimmer of the main villain.  Had they provided even a small, not even a full second of footage of The Sentinels, they would have caused a flood of nerdgasms across the internet.

Grade:  Overall, this trailer does its job.  I for one can’t wait for the movie to be released.  That being said, I give this trailer an A-.

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