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It’s no secret that many of the posts on this blog have been driven by school assignments. This is no different.


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Ad Critiques

Now, I also need to provide two ad critiques.

Baducco toast

Bauducco Toast

I am particularly fond of this advertisement. As a drummer, I get the joke in the copy. It reminded me immediately of the old joke “What do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians? A drummer.”


This advertisement makes good use of balancing the important elements in the advertisement with the humour intended. The company logo, which is what is being advertised, is at the top of the copy and stands out. The tagline is kept close to the company logo, to associate the humourous feel of the ad with the company.


The placement of the different toast toppings leads the eye across the page, defying the standard Z shape that most advertisements use. It also follows the base picture, of The Beatles, with each topping replacing a musician’s head. This allows the eye to travel across to the specific product being advertised, and the company name and tagline used to make the ad memorable.


The font used with this advertisement is a playful, simple script. This follows well with the playful tone of the entire composition, and is effective in further conveying the fun theme of the ad. It is only the font used in the logo that differs, and that allows the logo to stand out against the rest of the copy, further promoting the brand.


Bright, vibrant colours are used in this ad to promote the fun theme that is represented by the subject matter and the font used. The picture of The Beatles that was selected is from the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which is known for its colourful imagery. The background being yellow further promotes a light, friendly, playful feeling.

Overall idea

While the different components all combine to provide a happy, playful, friendly theme to the advertisement, I would have made the background yellow more pale in order to make the other images stand out more. There are a lot of shades of yellow in the ad, from Paul McCartney’s jacket, to the jar of marmelade, to the actual toast itself. These elements are lost a little when presented on as bright a background.

Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin


There isn’t much variation in how the text is presented on this advertisement. However, once you follow what is requested of you, and fold into the center, much of the text disappears, and what’s left is simply the very effective and simple headline. This different approach to body copy and hierarchy leaves a memorable impression, as you are forced to pay closer attention to the content of the ad.


Alignment and balance is of the utmost importance with this advertisement. The whole concept of folding the image in upon itself requires that both the image and copy line up perfectly to produce the final intended message. It’s reminiscent of the old MAD magazine back pages that used the same technique to produce a humorous effect.


As mentioned above, the typography is presented in an extremely clever way, as a hark-back to the old MAD Magazine back pages. As much as the copy doesn’t actually have any real message as a whole, the message becomes clear when you follow the directions and fold the advertisement inward. The font used portrays the class of the brand, while still retaining a whimsical tone. It also is a similar font to the font used on the product itself, further connecting the copy with the product being advertised.


The colours of this advertisement are not vibrant, but accurately present the overall theme of the Hendrick’s company in relation to their products. It speaks to the moderate, more mature audience who are more likely to drink a gin and tonic. The specific colours used for the copy also highlight the intended message.


The throwback to the old MAD Magazines was a nice touch, personally.  I would have tried to make the copy make more sense for those who don’t fold the page together, so that the message still comes through upon a quick glance.

So long, farewell …

That’s it for this posting. Look for another blog post this Friday, as I try to get back into the habit of posting on Friday for another class.


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