Speak your mind …

It’s back.


What was once a staple of CityTV and affiliated stations has returned from a six year absence.


The space in which many had their 15 minutes of fame, or in some cases, launched their career:

That’s right, Speaker’s Corner is back.  Often a good place to just go and vent, that little booth on the corner of John and Queen in Toronto was a quick and easy (and relatively inexpensive) way for CityTV to get some interesting content for their stations, and provide some people with a great outlet to speak their minds. This, long before we had the internet and chat forums and comment sections on station websites. It was fun, it cost a small fee (usually a loonie) and was the embodiment of CityTV head Moses Znaimer’s vision of interactive broadcasting.


It began in 1990 in Toronto, and soon other CHUM and CITY-owned stations featured their own booth.  Content from the booth was aired initially on CityTV and then on MuchMusic and MusiquePlus as well as the local network owned stations.  It was a great way to show the residents of the city, or visitors, in cute and quirky ways. Some people took advantage of the open forum, and recorded rants about the hot topic of the day. Others, like the Barenaked Ladies example above, used it to get their voices heard on national television, before YouTube took over.


All in all, for its time, it was revolutionary, and great.  Now, it’ll be another online forum, with a nostalgic name.


Oh well, at least thanks to YouTube, we can enjoy these blasts from the past.

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