There’s a new player in media buying …

Viewability Measurement is the newest way to determine the best purchase when it comes to media.


In a recent article on, it was announced that Viewability Measurement was now considered reliable enough information to be able to use when considering media buys.


But what is Viewability Measurement, you say?

To earn Media Ratings Council accreditation, viewability measurement providers must:

• measure on-screen time by checking with a certain frequency whether the ad is on-screen (100 ms for display)
• measure whether the impression is 50% on-screen before they begin measuring whether it is on-screen for 1 second
• only count impressions on an in-focus tab
• eliminate non-rendered impressions from viewability counts.

(courtesy of MarketingMag,ca)

I know, I know. You’re sitting there thinking “What’s all that mean?”  It means that advertisers will now be able to determine how many times an ad has been viewed, how many different people are viewing the ad, and other sorts of data that can make a big difference in whether an advertisement is useful or not, as well as whether or not advertising with a certain webpage is useful or not.


Essentially, it means that advertisers will be able to have a better understanding of just how their efforts are being seen.  In the end, that’s a good thing for all involved.


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