Fear and Networking: A Brief Guide to Exchanging Business Cards


A lot of students are afraid of this word “Networking”.

Sitting in Orientation for the First Years of my program (Advertising and Marketing Communications/Management) I really thought about what a difference makes in one year. Just a short time ago, I was sitting where they were sitting, listening to people that I didn’t know, talk about things that I didn’t understand.

There were lots of thoughts and concepts that stuck in m head throughout my Orientation, but there was one that always freaked me out – “Networking”.

Turns out, for my whole life, I was just misunderstanding the meaning of it.

Networking, to me, was that gross small talk thing that you did at  business dinners with the guys in suits before awkwardly exchanging business cards. Networking was talking to your dad’s boss at the company Christmas party, and being as polite and charming as possible.

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