Content Development for OCW – What an experience!

Ontario Championship Wrestling
Ontario Championship Wrestling

Ontario Championship Wrestling


(Originally published December, 2015 on original blog site)

Wow. What a great opportunity.

Content Development Class has allowed me to actually get a chance to get marks for the sorts of things I’d been doing for Ontario Championship Wrestling for a little while now.

I’ve been working with Ontario Championship Wrestling as their Sponsorship contact, as their sound engineer, and most recently, as talent, seemingly since the company first began. In fact, I worked as an event photographer for the second half of the debut event.

With Content Development Class, I was able to develop and produce a podcast, video, and blog post that the company needed in order to begin to put forward news of the relaunch happening in 2016. The video is on YouTube, the podcast is on Soundcloud, and the blog, posted here, will also be posted on our new blog space at which will be our go-to point for furthering storylines.

As always, working with OCW owners Roy Demerchant and Cressida Barkley was great, but it was also rather exciting to have been given some creative authority when it came to the content. Decisions were placed in my hands by management in order to make things much smoother.

The video contains me, in my character as “SuperAgent” Adam Douglas, informing the fans of the many ways they can follow OCW beginning in the new year. The podcast was originally going to be a promotional one talking about the relaunch, but we had some good audio of the owner Roy talking about how he got started in wrestling, so I used that instead, because the academy has restarted as well.

The blog contains hype for the next event, and for all the new features for OCW in the new year.

I look forward to continuing to produce great content for OCW going forward, especially as the relaunch begins to take form.

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