Placement Day 1 – how to end up with crossed fingers *and* eyes

I have consumed a lot of coffee today.

That’s what happens when you start looking into competitors from a wide geographical area. A lot of the same services, but also a lot of numbers. Lots and lots of numbers. So 3856524294_a583e944b9_omany numbers that sometimes letters start l00king l1ke number5.

It’s also nice to have access to multiple social media accounts in some cases. Testing sites to identify influencers for a topic? Pull out the OCW twitter! Use your own as well! End up following a bunch more people on both accounts! Yup, even those all started to blend together.

In the end, Right Relevance seemed to be the best for what I was looking for. It showed me everything I was looking for as far as influencers and stories that were relevant to the task.

This placement with Innovate Kingston is going to be amazing. It’s already off to a successful start!

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