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Here we go again …

It’s time for the Super Bowl! More importantly, it’s time for Super Bowl Commercials! ¬†According to eMarketer.com, a survey produced in January 2013 showed that 76.6 percent of viewers considered Super Bowl Commercials entertainment instead of advertising. Compare that to only 10.5 percent who were actually influenced to purchase the products or services, and a […]

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Layar-ing It On

The future is here. Not long ago, people would look at you like you had two heads¬†if you mentioned getting information about a person, place or thing while walking down the street and simply looking at or snapping a picture of it. Then, Google announced the Google Glass project. Google Glass changed how we thought […]

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Talkin’ ’bout my Generation …

Okay I’ll admit it. I “cheated” a little for Tom Brennan’s Media Awareness class. We had a minor report that required us to recommend two types of media to use in an advertising campaign that targeted one of three different demographics. The choices were people age 70+, upper Baby Boomers (ages 58-67), or Generation X […]

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