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Placement Day 1 – how to end up with crossed fingers *and* eyes

Off to a great start on my placement! Already my head is swimming!

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Content Development for OCW – What an experience!

Ontario Championship Wrestling

  (Originally published December, 2015 on original blog site) Wow. What a great opportunity. Content Development Class has allowed me to actually get a chance to get marks for the sorts of things I’d been doing for Ontario Championship Wrestling for a little while now. I’ve been working with Ontario Championship Wrestling as their Sponsorship […]

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What do Crack, Chuck Norris and Cats have in common?

#TrendsTalk13, that’s what! Yesterday, I was able to take part in something that was truly amazing. ¬†I wasn’t completely convinced that it was going to be worthwhile. ¬†However, our attendance was strongly encouraged by our professors in the Advertising and Marketing Communications course at St. Lawrence College, so I made sure I was there. Boy […]

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Trading places with Sisyphus …

“If you want a job done right …” Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m the only one who could do this task. Heck, I honestly don’t think I can do it at all. At least, not yet. What task is that, you’re asking? Increasing the viewership of Ontario Championship Wrestling (OCW). We’re many […]

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