Brand Social Media Audit: Boost Meal Replacement Shakes


Need a boost?

With today’s hectic schedules, who doesn’t? Which is why meal replacement and protein shakes have become relatively popular. A quick, grab and go option for busy lifestyles. Something to drink while en route to work, that you can consume while surfing those important social media sites.

So where does Boost engage with customers on social media?

The short answer, it doesn’t.

The long answer, it really, seriously doesn’t. No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even YouTube to promote the brand. The only showing on any of these is a posted commercial, seen on television as well. Absolutely no attempt to engage with consumers.

Boost’s target market, as indicated by their only online presence (their website), appears to be health-conscious adults who want to make sure that they have all of their nutrients with a quick drink or meal on the go. They know that their market wants something that tastes great and still provides everything they need in a meal.

They also host a program that appears to be aimed at older adults called beActive. It features a whole diet and activity challenge to get people up and moving, especially in their golden years when there isn’t work to go to, and as many errands to run, etc.

As far as influencers go, there aren’t a lot of people talking about Boost, favourable or otherwise. Just taking a quick look at a Twitter search indicates very little overall buzz about the product. There’s one picture on Instagram featuring the product, and discussion about it being for old people. On Pinterest, you have to sift through a bunch of other smoothie recipies and weight loss pins before you find anything to do with Boost. I’d post a link to a Facebook search, but why show you a page full of other things called Boost, and nothing about the meal replacements?

All in all, I believe that as far as Boost goes, no further monitoring is needed. They are so far behind the curve on social media that they might as well still be using Bulliten Board Systems and Compuserve Dial-Up.

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